TV Direct Public Company Limited

TV Direct Public Company Limited is one of the biggest retail distribution of products in Thailand.

TV Direct Public Company Limited is one of the biggest retail distribution of products in Thailand. They offer a wide selection — from food, health and beauty products, household items, gym equipment to electronics. Their multi-screen marketing can be segmented into 3 main channels as follows;

  • Direct Shopping: TV Marketing and Outbound Call Center
  • Retail Shopping: TV Direct Showcase
  • Online Shopping: through websites, mobile applications including all channels of social media in order to facilitate and serve requirements of retail customers in the digital age


Before Using CODE Marketing Cloud

TV Direct ran the Daily Deal campaign every day to attract the user to buy a discount product at the moment. The Daily Deal banner performed well with high Click-through rate. However, TV Direct found that users who visit a product page and then add it to the cart eventually abandon carts without purchasing, never making it to the next step.

How TV Direct Uses CODE Marketing Cloud

Using our exit-intent technology which tracks the user’s mouse behavior and only shows them the popup at the precise moment they’re about to leave your website allow TV Direct to capture more leads than ever before. Moreover, our pre-designed templates helping them to set up opt-in forms on their website quickly and easily as all they have to do is upload a custom image in the placeholder.

Exit-intent popups work because they demand attention and allows them to make one last-ditch effort to convert visitors as they are about to leave your site. Adding an exit-intent popup with an offer to their shopping cart page means that every person trying to abandon a cart will be given a chance to convert.

The Results

  • TV Direct converted 13.71% of abandoning visitors to active customers.
  • TV Direct used exit-intent to offer free delivery offer to their abandoning visitors and was able to recover 21% of abandoned carts.


  • Industries : E-Commerce
  • Country : Thailand

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