TV Direct Public Company Limited

TV Direct Public Company Limited is one of the biggest retail distribution of products in Thailand.

TV Direct Public Company Limited is one of the biggest retail distribution of products in Thailand. They offer a wide selection — from food, health and beauty products, household items, gym equipment to electronics. Their multi-screen marketing can be segmented into 3 main channels as follows;

  • Direct Shopping: TV Marketing and Outbound Call Center
  • Retail Shopping: TV Direct Showcase
  • Online Shopping: through websites, mobile applications including all channels of social media in order to facilitate and serve requirements of retail customers in the digital age


Before Using CODE Marketing Cloud

In order to drive more people to business and getting them to purchase the product, their marketing team has to launch flash sale promotions every day. Every time the marketing team wanted to launch a new campaign, they would order the designer team to create the creatives, then queued up for the website development team, which already had their hands full of other tasks, to put those banners on the website.

It took them FIVE DAYS just to launch one campaign across all their properties. Then the cycle would begin all over again every single day for a daily flash sale campaign.


How TV Direct Uses CODE Marketing Cloud

We know your time is valuable!

That’s why we make it easy for you to both create campaigns and track campaign performance for improvement.

  • CODE Marketing Cloud can be used on any HTML website (including but not limited to WordPress) and can be assigned to multiple domains.
  • Duplicating a campaign is as easy as clicking a “Copy Campaign” button.


The Results

TV Direct uses CODE Marketing Cloud to make well-informed business decisions about what a perfect offer looks like for users.

  • 24% increased revenue as a result of the increased CTR
  • Convert between 8% – 15% of visitors using CTA banners
  • Save 5 days of time every time creating a new campaign


  • Industries : E-Commerce

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